• Heigh adjustable
  • Weighing platform
  • Vibrating platform
  • High speed
  • Dust-free
  • ATEX Version

Semi-automatic BigBag Filling Station / FIBC Filling Station

Our semi-automatic BigBag filling station enables the filling of different types of BigBags. To begin the high speed filling process, nothing more than the simple press of a button is needed and the station will be adjusted to the required height. However before the filling process starts, the station will seal the inlet to ensure a dust-free proceedure and will afterwards commence the filling process. With the installation of a sampler, the quality of the bulk materials can be checked during this stage. After the staion has conclueded the filling process, it will unlock the inlet again, and the proceedure can be repeated. The station also complies with the ATEX regulation so safety is ensured.